UK Nokia fans with a big red circle on the 23 September square on their calenders, prepare yourself for some bad news - the Nokia N9 is not going to be released in the UK.

The news was confirmed a day after it was announced that the MeeGo handset would also not be hitting US stores.

The Finnish company released a statement saying:

"As an organisation Nokia takes a market by market approach to product rollout and each country decides which products to introduce from those available. These decisions are based on a local assessment of existing and upcoming products that make up Nokia’s product portfolio and are intended to provide the best local portfolio for the UK market. Although we are delighted with the very positive reception that the Nokia N9 has received, here in the UK there are no plans to offer the Nokia N9 at present."

Nokia president Chris Weber also announced on Tuesday that Symbian is effectively being killed off in North American markets with the focus firmly on Windows Phone 7.

"When we launch Windows Phones we will essentially be out of the Symbian business, the S40 business, etc," he told AllThingsD

"It will be Windows Phone and the accessories around that. The reality is if we are not successful with Windows Phone, it doesn’t matter what we do."

It looks like all or nothing for Nokia now then, but only time will tell if the gamble pays off...

What do you guys think? Is WP7 the Nokia saviour, or is it a dead duck? Let us know using the comments below...