If you were excited by the leaked, but extremely blurry, pictures that emerged of the Nokia 700 Zeta last week, then hold on to your socks - because some clear, official pics have now hit the web.

The possible N7 (that's our guess at least) was originally leaked on a dubious looking spec sheet that was doing the rounds at the end of last month.

It's said to be packing a 3.2-inch nHD AMOLDED display and running the next-gen version of Symbian Anna - Belle. It also boasts a 5-megapixel with LED flash and there are murmurs of NFC capabilities too.

The early spec sheet labelled the Zeta as "the thinnest smartphone ever" but with measurements of 110 x 51 x 10mm, Sony Ericsson may have something to say about that.

The Nokia 700 Zeta is just one of up to 10 Symbian handsets that could be coming our way before Nokia fully teams up with Microsoft.

We've also heard whispers of the N5, the Nokia 701 Helen, the Nokia 600 Cindy, the Nokia 500 Fate, the N6 and the N7 - although it's not clear if some of these devices are, in fact, the same handsets.