Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO, has confirmed that the company has “other devices completely different to [Sea Ray] already working” in a secret meeting secretly videoed and leaked online.

In the meeting, where the CEO explicitly asked for no filming as the information was “super confidential”, he revealed the company’s first Nokia  Windows Phone 7 smartphone as well as detailing other information that clearly shows how the company ticks.

“I want drool,” he said later on in the meeting, which instantly brought a bevy of laughter from the audience. The joke referred to comments made to him at the unveiling of the Nokia N9 in Singapore earlier in the week, which has been widely well received.

Elop finished the meeting with the hope that California would sit up and notice the inroads that Nokia has made since announcing a partnership with Microsoft in February:

“What you should be feeling is the capabilities of the mighty Nokia are shifting around and people are saying look at that. And ultimately there are a few competitors of ours in California that we would very much like to notice as well.”

Apple and Google we think he is talking about you.