As well as going live with the MeeGo touting N9, Nokia also found time to announced the dual-SIM Series 40 handset - the Nokia C2-03.

Describing the device as a "Touch and Type" one (meaning it combines a physical keypad with a touchscreen), the C2-03 is designed with people with multiple SIM needs in mind. It can take two at a time but it also has the capacity to remember the settings for five SIMs in total.

Plus, it has an "Easy Swap" feature, meaning that you can simply pop a new SIM in, using the side slot, and you won't even have to reboot.

Specs-wise, this phone is no great shaker, it's more practical than spectacular but you will get 400 hours of standby, 5 hours of talk-time and 35 hours of music playback. On board memory is a paltry 10MB though so if you are thinking of adding some tunes, you'll need to expand using the microSD option (up to 32GB).

It will boast Nokia Maps though, as the Finnish manufacturer announced the feature was coming for all Series 40 handsets (no-one mention Ovi though).

The Nokia C2-03 will be available in Q3 2011 costing €77 plus taxes.

Nokia also announced that the latest version of Symbian Anna would be hitting a number of its recent handsets including the N8, the E7, the C7 and the C6-01.

Anna will be coming in July and offers a set of new icons, a faster web browser, improved text input and enhanced maps.