Nokia has admitted defeat with regards to its online store platform - with news that the UK store is to shut along with other European outlets such as France, Spain and The Netherlands.

The UK closure was confirmed by an email from Nokia to affiliate digital marketing outfit TradeDoubler, with a closure date of 30 June stated. A Spanish Nokia bod also told Engadget: "Prices are too subsidised by the carriers and sales were low, so they will keep providing support."

The move comes during a turbulent time for the once undisputed mobile heavyweight champion. Recent financial results were very disappointing - shares dropped by 15 per cent after its second quarter 2011 outlook and the company stated that it "now expects Devices & Services net sales to be substantially below its previously expected range of 6.1 billion euros to 6.6 billion euros for the second quarter 2011 "due to lower than previously expected net sales" - and straight-talking and hard-hitting CEO Stephen Elop also oversaw the slashing of 4,000 people from its payroll, and the offloading a further 3,000 more.

With Nokia's Windows Phone 7 revolution all scheduled for later this year, there is light on the horizon but whether that light shines bright enough to save the former king remains to be seen.

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