MeeGo could be spreading its wings further afield with the likes of Asus and LG but where Nokia is concerned, its days could well be numbered.

Speaking at the Uplinq expo in California, where the Nokia CEO detailed just why the Finnish company chose Windows Phone 7 over Android, Stephen Elop also stated that MeeGo was never really a viable option.

"We had a lot of great innovation and a lot of great work that had taken place around the MeeGo platform but what we assessed was that we could not create a portfolio of devices covering a full range of price-points fast enough to deal, or respond to our competitors," he said.

"MeeGo comes in at the high end but we couldn't see it coming down fast enough to help us deal with all of our problems."

Elop also warned Nokia fans not to expect to see a tablet device from the company anytime soon - indicating that he wasn't prepared for the company to play second fiddle to Apple, as he hinted that other tablet manufacturers are currently doing.

"Let's say there are 201 tablets," he said. "One of those tablets is being sold furiously and at great profit, is very, very successful and is obviously a very delightful experience.

"The other 200 tablets, with all due respect, are not yet attractive enough to gain any momentum and that's a concern to a lot of retailers.

"For Nokia, I always say with regards to our tablet strategy - I don't just want to be number 202."

But a Nokia tablet isn't a complete no-no, with the former Microsoft man stating "watch this space".