Nokia has announced that it is slashing 4,000 people from its payroll, and offloading a further 3,000 in the latest move in the Finnish company's massive overhaul.

The total includes 700 UK employees, although the bulk of the redundancies will be in Nokia's homeland and in Denmark.

The 3,000 staff that are being offloaded are Symbian-based workers, who will be moved onto consultancy firm Accenture - who will become responsible for the ailing mobile platform.

The message from Nokia is clear: It's Windows Phone 7 all the way.

"This is a difficult reality, and we are working closely with our employees and partners to identify long-term re-employment programmes for the talented people of Nokia," Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop said in a statement.

The cuts and offsetting will take place in 2012, which is when we also expect to see the first Nokia Windows Phone 7 devices land.