Nokia has announced the launch of the Nokia E6, a new QWERTY-flavoured smartphone that will replace the popular E71 and E72 models already offered by the company.

The new model will do all it can to urge current E71 and E72 owners to upgrade, while also trying to tease BlackBerry Curve owners to ditch RIM and the possible promise of the BlackBerry Orlando.

Its target market aside, the new E6 will come with an 8-megapixel camera, a 2.46-inch VGA (321ppi) touchscreen and a full QWERTY keyboard.

Those touchscreen specs mean that it’s a four-fold increase over the previous models.

Also appealing to those always out and about, and not necessarily near a power supply, the phone will come with 14 hours of talk time and 1 month (yes 1 month) of standby capabilities.

Gunning for the business user, Nokia says that it will be very “Microsoft friendly” with all the usual enterprise buzz words covered and full support for Microsoft’s products, including the ability to play nice with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

It will be available sometime after June and cost 340 euros unsubsidised.