Nokia's said all along that it’s got plans for a big announcement on Tuesday 12 April, and now, thanks to a Three product manager we can hazard a guess at what that is.

Brendan Arndt the chap that looks after Apple, Nokia, and LG at the UK mobile operator has found time to shoot a video of a yet to be announced Nokia X7 – handy.

According to Arndt in a video grabbed by Engadget before it was yanked from YouTube, the new Nokia X7 will have a 4-inch Clear Black Display (the same as the Nokia E7), a curved metal back, an 8 megapixel camera that also shoots HD and a new version of Symbian.

The new version of the Symbian OS brings with it smooth scrolling between homepage panes, quicker to access to your apps, and a faster browser that promises to be three times faster than the current Nokia offering.

You’ll also get an onscreen portrait QWERTY keyboard.

Of course Nokia is keeping schtum, but with an announcement tomorrow we think we can gather what we will be reporting on later this week.

We will keep you posted.