Nokia fans looking forward to seeing some Windows Phone 7 action may have a bit of a wait on their hands. A wait of around a year if reports prove accurate.

The news of a delay until 2012 for Nokia WP7 devices comes as a result of an interview with Nokia India's managing director, D Shivakumar, who told India's Daily News that the 12-month delay is down to Nokia waiting for the first major update to the mobile OS, as it is not interested in it in its current guise.

And reports suggest that the update, codenamed Mango, has now been shelved until 2012 - after Microsoft initially planned on getting it out around October 2011 time.

A source claimed last week that Microsoft's original timeframe was "a near impossibility" and that it would only just be finalised by the end of the year.

With the minor NoGo update also being delayed, twice, Microsoft seems to be messing up on its software roll-outs on a regular basis. Not a good idea for a mobile OS still trying to get a foot-hold in an incredibly competitive, and crowded, market.