Nokia has announced a new entry-entry-level phone that it hopes will help it sign up the next billion mobile phone users around the world, and let it fulfil its goal of flogging more Symbian devices before it kills off the OS.

The Nokia X1-00 will cost less than 35 euros and offer, says Nokia, “the maximum boom-per-buck with special hardware features for users in growth markets.”

That means you get a speaker designed to be heard in a busy marketplace or factory, a built in FM radio for listening to the news, a torch so you can see in the dark, and a microSD card to save bits and bobs on.

Showing that this isn’t necessarily a device for the high end smartphone user out there, it will comes with five phone books in case the phone is shared between an entire family or even neighbours.

It uses the Series 30 operating system, comes with a souped-up music player app, calendar, clock and calculator, pre-loaded games and measures 112.2 x 47.3 x 16mm and weighs 91g.

It goes on sale in April and should last you 'till the end of June before it needs a charge as it’s got a battery that lasts over 61 days.