It’s early days for the official life of Nokia and Microsoft - the Windows Phone 7 version - but that hasn't stopped a reportedly official concept image finding its way on to the web.

No doubt used in internal documents to show what fruits the new love interest could bare, we wouldn’t read too much into this design or colours in this mock up dug up by the chaps at Engadget, apart from the mere fact that it features both Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 interface and Nokia’s brand on the back.

However, before you get too excited, some are claiming the concept is a fake, or at least if it is real, doesn't represent Windows Phone 7 too well.

"The mistake is actually quite obvious once you see it." says Long Zheng over at, a Windows Phone 7 and Microsoft focused blog. "There are too many tiles on the home screen. Due to Microsoft’s specification of the screen resolution (and indirectly aspect ratio) only slightly less than 4 tiles should be visible. The Nokia concept contradicts this by showing even fraction of the fifth (with the top of the tiles lining up with the arrow). This would only be possible if the display proportions are not the same."

That means that either the concept designer has got it wrong (they have only been working with Nokia since November) or this is a fake. 

Still, with a pink, blue and black colour scheme - it’s almost like heading over to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

UPDATE: Turns out Engadget had the real deal. Nokia has released two concept images. Shame they don't realise the dimensions of the screen to comply with Microsoft's strict guidelines.

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