Reports are mounting that suggest Nokia has decided to scrap the MeeGo touting N9 handset - before it's even made it out into the real world.

You may have read about Nokia CEO Stephen Elop's emotional memo earlier on Pocket-lint, in which he stated that by the end of 2011 there might only be one MeeGo device in the market, and that the OS wasn't living up to its billing as the "platform for winning high-end smartphones".

If a Reuters report proves accurate then that singular device won't be the Nokia N9 though, as it states that development on the handset has ceased, citing two industry insiders as sources.

There were reports last month that Nokia would be officially announcing the N9 at MWC, and that it would be boasting an Intel Atom chip.

Nokia's event on 11 February is sure to be fascinating. It's clear that these are dark days for the Finnish phone manufacturer and we can't wait to see how it's planning on reversing its fortunes.