You wait ages for some juicy Nokia MeeGo stories and then two come along at once.

Late last week, we told you how Nokia could be readying the N9 for a Mobile World Congress launch next month, with an Intel Atom chip possibly on board too.

And now we've stumbled across these (dark and grainy) snaps of what looks like a Nokia MeeGo tablet. Could it be that the Finnish giant is looking to get into the slate game?

Now, it's hard to see exactly what the device in the pictures is - it could be a large screen smartphone - but it definitely isn't a handset that we've seen before (the bezel is too thin for the N900).

The Nokia logo, top centre, hints at a tablet though - on Nokia phones this usually appears above the screen when in a portrait position.

There are a few nay-sayers out there though stating that this might just be a Nokia test device. But with all the branding and the sexy curves, we think that it could be the real deal.

MeeGo tablet or not? If so, tempted? Let us know using the comments below.