It's been a MWC 2011 hot bed of excitement in terms of rumours over the last couple of days. First there were all those HTC handsets pictured, and then the murmurs about Nvidia possibly announcing Tegra 3 and now there's some juicy Nokia N9 gossip too.

Already tipped to be the first MeeGo touting handset, the interesting news is that Nokia and Intel's team-up may extend further than the software for the N9.

And that's because a "respected" Finnish tech site - Processori - has stated that the N9 will be officially unveiled at MWC, and that it will be packing an Intel Atom chip, becoming the first smartphone to run on an Intel CPU.

If true, this is a big deal. Nokia is a dying breed in the smartphone market at the moment with Symbian about as popular as a turd in a lunchbox. Well, maybe that's a bit strong but it certainly isn't as loved as Android, iOS or even Windows Phone 7.

But a new, fresh OS with Intel architecture - Nokia could be cooking again. Watch this space.