Nokia has managed to sell a surprisingly okay number N8 smartphones. The flagship mobile has rung through the tills a very respectable 4 million times since its release in October 2010.

The stats come courtesy of Finnish website Inderes Oy (Google Translate on standby) and indicate pretty clearly that Nokia was not telling porkies when it announced it had received their highest ever pre-order figures for the phone it had been hoping would stop the rot. 

To put that in perspective though, around 14 million iPhones were sold during the same quarter.

Whether it's the N8's credentials as the best cameraphone out there, its big up in Tron: Legacy, Pamela Anderson's female form or the sign that the tide has truly turned for Nokia is far too early to say but what is clear is that thanks to a strong uptake in India, Finland, the UAE and Malaysia, the executives at the great mobile maker that was can afford themselves a little fist pumping this New Year's Eve.