Does the name Eldar Murtazin ring any Nokia shaped bells? Well it should do, as Murtazin is the chap who got hold of, and gave an iffy review of the Nokia N8 months ahead of its official launch - and seriously annoyed Nokia in the process.

He's a Russia journalist who seems to have the inside scoop when it comes to all things Nokia and his latest bit of juicy gossip is a real humdinger - that Nokia has been in talks with Microsoft with regards to releasing a Windows Phone 7 handset.

A Google translation of Murtzain's post reads:

"In the last month behind closed doors is a discussion of expanded cooperation Nokia and Microsoft (two-way discussion, initiated by the new leadership of Nokia). Not simply the exchange of technology, but creating an entire line of Windows Phone devices that may go under the name Nokia, through the sales channels for the company, and will also have the characteristic features of its products."

The translation of this translation is that Nokia and Microsoft are both keen to kick-start their mobile presence and a joint effort could hold the key. It is thought that the devices would carry the usual WP7 setup, but with a Nokia flavour.

Murtzain describes the move as "desperate" for both companies and expressed his opinion that Android will continue to dominate.

We're not so sure though. A new OS for Nokia - whether that be a successful launch of MeeGo, Windows Phone 7 or maybe even Android - could be just what the doctor ordered.

What do you guys think? Could a Nokia WP7 handset be a winner? Or will it be MeeGo (or indeed Android) that turns the fortunes of the Finnish phone giant?