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(Pocket-lint) - Nokia N8 fans going to see Tron Legacy, when it comes out on 17 December, will have a treat in store as the smartphone features in the movie.

While most of the film is set in “The Grid” with Light Cycles, Light Jets, and Light Discs, the opening sequence is set in the real world.

Pocket-lint was lucky enough to see an advance IMAX 3D screening of Tron Legacy before its official release, and caught a glimpse of the phone in action.

Pocket-lintnokia n8 the hacker phone of tron image 5

In the film, like his father, Sam Flynn is a hacker, but rather than using an Android handset or even a jailbroken iPhone, it seems his phone of choice is the Nokia N8.

Using a fancy program (it’s basically a door code cracker) and a bolt on accessory, Flynn Jr uses the smartphone to help break in to Encom - the software company that Kevin Flynn worked for.

Sam Flynn then uses his Nokia N8 again, moments later, to download the latest Encom operating system, due to be released the next day, from the company's servers. He then proceeds to upload it to the Internet, claiming all software should be free, before heading to the roof and jumping off it.

And you thought the N8 was just average.



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Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 16 April 2013.