(Pocket-lint) - Nokia has opened a public beta for version 3.0 of its Ovi Suite software, with a couple of major changes brought in.

Firstly, on firing it up you'll be presented with the new Home View screen which gives you an overview of what's new on your PC and your Nokia device, and presents you with recommendation, update notifications and the like.

The other major change is the inclusion of a full music player, with direct links to download or preview tunes from the Ovi Store.

Here's the full list of what's new in Ovi Suite 3.0 beta:

- A new Home view

- Get quick access to your content and to sync

- View recommended apps and games from Ovi Store

- View recommended music from Ovi Music

- Receive notifications to update your phone software and to back up your phone

- Connect to the internet without a fixed connection or WLAN  Introducing Ovi Music 

- Get full control of playback

- Discover and download your favourites from the millions of tracks available on Ovi

- Drag music to and from your phone

- Have access to your Ovi Music Unlimited account

- Get all the features you need in Nokia Ovi Suite – no need for a separate player 

- Experience the faster and simpler installation

- Delete individual maps from your phone, download maps with greater reliability

- Enjoy improvements to syncing and stability

Nokia's Ovi Suite 3.0 beta is available now from betalabs.nokia.com

Writing by Paul Lamkin.