Oslo-based Opera has announced that its popular mobile browser, Opera Mini, is now available to Nokia users on their Symbian handsets.

Opera Mini 5.1 beta replaces the Java-based Opera versions that S60 users had to make do with, and adds a number of key features, including:

- Support for more devices than ever
- Significantly faster start-up time
- Improved page-load and scrolling performance, especially on older devices
- Full support for device text input methods
- Improved fonts
- Device integration for copy & paste, email client and more
- Option to choose default access point — no more annoying dialogues

“It is Opera’s objective to provide its users with the best possible web-surfing experience on any device”, said Christen Krogh, chief development officer of Opera Software.

“Porting Opera Mini to the Symbian programming language provides the largest user base in the smartphone world with the best mobile browsing experience”.

Grab Opera Mini for free from m.opera.com now.