Nokia's flagship smartphone (and saviour?), the Nokia N8, has been paid the ultimate compliment by the iFixit chaps - they've taken it to pieces.

Now, whilst this might not be exactly what Nokia intended for its super camera-phone, it does show that the tech industry is paying attention to the device - after all, teardowns usually only take place on high-end devices.

iFixit's first impressions of the N8?

"This phone is built tough! The N8's frame uses more metal than most phones, giving it a rugged feel. In fact, this is the beefiest phone we've taken apart all year".

The N8 scored an 8 out of 10 for repairability due to ease of replacing the screen, the battery and its easy to disassemble.

Along the way they discovered:

- The Xenon flash tube is similar to what you'd find in a full-size camera and it has a large capacitor that provides the power for a "brilliant flash".

- The battery is not soldered in place.

- The AMOLED display isn't fused to the glass, making it easy to replace

- The display itself is fairly old with the same touch screen controller that you'll find in the Kin Two or the BlackBerry Torch.

For the full teardown details check out iFixit's website.

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