Fring has followed Skype in launching a service that lets Fring Nokia users phone anyone in the world from as little as 1 cent a minute.

"With fringOut on your mobile, you can call any phone number worldwide (landline or mobile) from 1c/minute."

The service, currently only available for Nokia, soon to be launched on iPhone and Android the company says.

Users will be able to call more than 200 countries from 1c/min, Canada from 0.4 cents, the UK from 0.6 cents, and India from 1.1 cents.

"Hundreds of millions of people have tried low-cost internet calling on their PC or through restricted mobile offerings. With the launch of fringOut, fringsters can benefit from internet calling with the convenience of mobile without cumbersome wires and cables," said Avi Shechter, CEO of Fring.

Fring users have the freedom to choose how they communicate with their friends including using Fring Internet calling to other fring users and other communities, fringOut, SIP or GSM says the company.

fringOut is currently available for Nokia S60 (Symbian) devices and will soon be available on iPhone and Android devices.

Users can start using fringOut by downloading fring’s latest version and signing up to fringOut.