Nokia announced that Nokia World was the start of the smartphone fightback, today at the company's conference and developer summit in London.

Anssi Vanjoki Executive VP and General Manager, said "We have transitioned Nokia for the future … Nokia invented the smartphone".

Vanjoki responded to criticisms, saying that critics should wait to use the phone than judge it by a few screenshots. Liking the N8 to a car, Vanjoki suggested getting in and driving, rather than judging it by the dashboard.

Nokia also took the opportunity to highlight the benefits of the N8, focusing first on the camera. 

Vanjoki pointed out that the N8 features the best camera on a phone ever, combining the Carl Zeiss lens, with Xenon flash and a mechanical shutter.

Moving further, Vanjoki reminded assembled industry and journalists that the N8 was a complete entertainment handset, not just a camera phone, before playing a demo of Tron Legacy from the Nokia N8 over a standard HDMI cable. "You can plug the N8 into your home entertainment system".

Of the C6, Vanjoki highlighted the 8-megapixel camera, before moving onto the C7, a similar device offering a larger 3.5-inch ClearBlack Display and increased memory capacity. Vanjoki described the C7 as the "sleekest, smoothest device in the world".

The new Nokia E7 is an evolution of the Communicator devices. It features a full QWERTY keyboard aimed at business, which Nokia described (repeatedly) as "big".

Specs are limited on the new devices, but we'll update you with all the details as we get them.