You know what it's like. You're on the train on the way to work and you simply have to see what Chiles and Bleakley are talking about on Daybreak. But you don't want to fire up TV Catchup because you're scared of a hefty 3G data phone bill and also killing your battery.

If only there was a way of watching TV on the go without eating up your data allowance, that was also more power-friendly.

Ah, but there is, as Nokia has announced a DVB-H tuner, specifically for mobiles, called the Nokia Mobile TV headset.

Alas, the service won't actually work in the UK because we don't get DVB-H transmissions (so that who intro was kinda pointless, we know), but it points at good things to come.

The device will work with an app called Mobile TV, which is in the Ovi Store, and will be compatible with the, soon-to-be-released (at last), N8, as well as other Symbian ^3 handsets.

It's expected to cost around €40 and if you live in Austria, Finland, Ghana, Kenya, India, Italy, Namibia, Nigeria, Netherlands, Philippines and Switzerland then you should have no worries getting a DVB-H signal.