As the rot continues to eat away at Nokia's dominance of the mobile phone market, the Finnish brand looks to be launching a few new smartphone models at Nokia World, its annual media and industry event, which is being held on 14-15 September 2010.

The new handsets include the Nokia N8, which Pocket-lint had its hands on, and the Nokia E7 slideout QWERTY variant.

Although specs for the N8 look decent, how it compares in reality to other top-end smartphones remains to be seen - especially when you consider the positive reception of handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S. These doubts are compounded with the fact that it's still running the Symbian OS (although it is the updated Symbian^3), something consumers may think twice about when comparing it to the Android and iOS alternatives.

And this is the crux: if Nokia can provide an excellent, well thought out operating system which, crucially, entices developers to provide plenty of high quality content then it'll stand a good chance of competing with the likes of Apple in the smartphone market.

However, we shouldn't see this as a make or break for the company, despite having a slump in the revenue department, Nokia still accounts for 40 per cent of handset sales worldwide; mostly made up of lower-end devices its just a question of whether the company can expand successfully into the high-end sector.