We've seen the video, we've heard the rumours, and now we've got more pics of the supposedly new, but yet-to-be-announced Nokia N9 handset. 

So what do the latest pictures show us? Nothing beyond what we already, supposedly, knew - apart from the fact that it appears it was designed to look like a MacBook Pro or to be more in keeping with a similar Nokia product: the company's netbook offering, the Nokia Booklet 3G

The device sports a slider QWERTY keyboard with shallow, rubber looking keys and even if it does turn out to be a hoax, then maybe the culprits should get themselves jobs at Nokia R&D.

Either way, with Nokia World scheduled for 14 September in London, hopefully we won't have too long to wait. 

What do you think? If it is real would you be looking to snap one up? Let us know in the comments below.