It's been a good day for concept ideas. And whilst this Nokia Kinetic concept phone may not be as world changing as the Airbus Concept Plane (with its see through walls), it is noteworthy none-the-less.

Designed by Jeremy Innes-Hopkins, the Nokia Kinetic turns digital information into kinetic energy by way of the electromagnet in its base. This means when a call is received, the weight in the base can be shifted and the phone will rise up. If you don't want to answer the call you can just tap it back down.

It's the best concept phone design that we've seen since Andrew Kim's HTC 1 design.

Meanwhile, in news that involves an actual Nokia device that is available in the real world, T-Mobile has set up a pre-registration page for the flagship N8 device. We already knew Vodafone would be offering the Symbian^3 device. Check out our first look of the N8 to see if it floats your boat.

What do you guys reckon? The N8 or the concept Kinetic phone? Should Nokia be giving designer Jeremy a job in its design team? Give us your impressions below.