Nokia has said that it is "obsessed with getting Nokia back to being number one in high-end devices".

In a blog post, the new Nokia head of Mobile Solutions, Anssi Vanjoki, says that although the challenge will require performance and efforts over and above the norm, he has been preparing for it over the last 20 years.

Although there is already chatter on the web as to what that over and above effort might entail for the short term, Nokia is hoping its Nokia N8 handset will help it gain lost ground.

How popular that will be however comes down to how well the public, ie you, adopt a handset that will quickly be replaced by a new Operating System from Nokia, MeeGo.

Nokia believes the handsets will be happy to sit side by side.

Commenting on the news that its fanbase is starting to wain, Vanjoki said it was "determined to win back supporters, including Ricky, our favourite Symbian Guru".

Symbian Guru is the second big Nokia fan site to call it quits in recent months.