Nokia has teamed up with the creative brain behind the hit TV show Heroes to launch a "new audience participation experience". The alternate reality gaming (ARG) platform will combine online videos, music, mobile apps and interactive theatres and will actually help out a real school in eastern Zambia.

To get onboard the storyline, which has been written by Heroes creator Tim Kring, head over to the Conspiracy For Good website and check out the videos already on there and look out for clues and tools that will enable you to progress the narrative further.

“I believe that storytelling has the power to create positive change in the world. Audiences today want to be more involved in stories,” said Kring

“Our goal with the Conspiracy For Good is to entice, engage, and inspire the audience to drive real-world change through their participation in a narrative.”

Once you are on board you'll be able to play along, solving mysteries online, play casual mobile games or be a real-world participant in the London events that will take place from mid-July through early August.

There will be a couple of apps in the Ovi Store that might help you along (Exclusion and Mainframe Liberator). Ovi Maps is getting involved too, by guiding characters through the story, and within Ovi Music you'll find hidden information within songs that can be deciphered in order to progress.

There will also be  a special edition app called Conspiracy For Good: DeadDrop that is powered by Nokia’s Point & Find service. Out in mid-July, the app lets you point at objects and images in the real-world in order to find clues and participate in challenges during the London events.

“Tim Kring has realised the potential for Nokia’s Ovi platform as a channel to advance storytelling through interconnected services and active audience participation,” said Tero Ojanperä, Nokia's executive vice president.

“Conspiracy For Good is Nokia’s most powerful example to date for how content owners can blur the lines between the online and real-world to connect people to change.”

If you fancy getting involved get over to the CFG website now, or if you're still not convinced, check out what Kring himself has to say about the whole thing: