Many see the Maemo powered Nokia N900 as nothing more than a "tablet for geeks" ready and able to command robots, but Tesco doesn't see it that way, announcing that from Saturday 5 June you'll be able to buy the high-end phone from its Tesco Phone Shops.

The N900, which has just been updated to enable video calling with Skype and Facebook IM chat, together with email and calendar enhancements, will be available for £30 a month on Vodafone Your Plan 300, including 300 minutes, unlimited texts, and unlimited internet

“We are delighted to welcome the N900 into our current portfolio of mobile phones as one of the most advanced mobile computers we now offer," said a random unnamed Tesco Telco shelf stacker in a statement. "The N900 marks a further step forward to providing our customers with a greater variety of choice at highly competitive price points."

Nokia who are claiming this is "further proof of the wide appeal of this much-praised device” are clearly hoping you'll pick one up when you're next popping in for some milk.

Are you tempted?