Nokia's sales chief, Anssi Vanjoki, reckons that mobile phone cameras are going to destroy the market for all cameras in the next couple of years - even SLR and professional models.

At a speech in Helsinki, Vanjoki said that HD video recording would come to most cellphones within a year, saying "They will in the very near future revolutionise the market for system cameras. There will be no need to carry around those heavy lenses".

While we can see the low-end compact camera market being swallowed up by mobile phones, it's hard to see your average prosumer DSLR being swapped out - at least within the next few years. Of course, the arrival of micro four thirds is bringing those cameras down, but cost seems to be the biggest barrier in that arena for the time being.

Would you consider dropping an SLR for a mobile phone camera, even if it was packing a 14-megapixel sensor? Tell us in the comments below.