We're hearing word that Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia will be introducing a new handset this summer - the Nokia C6. It's still just a rumour at this stage, but early suggestions that it could resemble the E72 have been replaced with indications that it'll now be a mini N97 Mini.

If the double-mini makes it to market, it looks like it'll have a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and be aimed at the first-time smartphone user. It'll have a d-pad with a split down the middle of the keyboard, and memory of just 256MB - presumably extendible via a microSD card, but we're not sure of that yet.

Other details are scarce, but as soon as we hear more about this handset, we'll be sure to bring you everything. In the meantime, how do you feel about Nokia's ongoing strategy of concentrating on lower-end smartphones? Will it bear fruit, or will people find the cash to spring for the more impressive models as the world emerges from a recession? Share your thoughts in the comments.