Nokia VP of markets, Anssi Vanjoki, has laid his heart bare about the N97's failings in a frank interview with fansite AllAboutSymbian at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The senior exec said that the interface on the device was "a tremendous disappointment" - something we concurred with in our review of the handset

More specifically, he said: "it has been a tremendous disappointment in terms of the experience quality for the consumers", despite healthy sales of the handset. The company has solved some of the problems through firmware updates, but Vanjoki said that it "has been an unbelievable cycle of things for us, that has taken far too long to repair and mitigate".

The company has promised to sort things out in Symbian^3, with many lessons learnt for both the platform and the devices on it. Vanjoki said: "We have taken the learnings and when Symbian^3 comes out you can rest assured it will be perfect". We'll see when the devices come out.