Mozilla, the organisation behind Firefox, has confirmed that you can now get a mobile version of its popular browser.

However, before you hunt for the download button on your phone, it's currently only available on the Maemo operating system found on the Nokia N900

"Starting today, Nokia N900 owners can enjoy many of the same Firefox features they know and love on the desktop on their mobile device", said the foundation in a blog post.

Key features dedicated to the mobile offering according to Mozilla include the lack of a need to type and the promise of seamless synchronisation with desktop Firefox. 

The browser is also the first mobile web browser to support add-ons, allowing you to customise the experience on your mobile as you would on your desktop. There are currently over 40 add-ons for the mobile version for Maemo.

The N900 Maemo version is available to download from

There is no confirmation as to when the foundation will be launching other variants of the software.

We will keep you posted.