Nokia's Ovi Store, its version of the iPhone's App Store, is due to get a major refresh in the spring of 2010.

It seems the current version of the store was just a "stopgap" measure from the Finns, bringing together its various download services, such as MOSH and WidSets.

George Linardos, Nokia's VP of product, media, has told Mobile Entertainment that the company has been busy beavering away on the next-gen version of the store in the background all along:

"All the while there's been this new platform being built in the background, which we'll be talking about in the next couple of months and launching in the spring with what we're calling 2.0", Linardos said.

Although it won't launch with 2.0 branding, the label suggests the level of change we can expect, with around 75% of the 2.0 store new at launch, with the plan to phase out legacy components for a 100% refreshed Ovi offering around 4 months on.

Meanwhile it seems Nokia's current Ovi offering is doing rather well, if Linardos' sums are correct: "We're doing just under 1 million downloads a day, and our download numbers are growing 100% month-on-month".