Nokia still tops the charts for the most devices accessing the mobile web, if figures from mobile website optimisers MoFuse are correct. The Finnish company has 39.3% marketshare, beating off competition from RIM, Apple and HTC.

In its annual newsletter, MoFuse tallied up the devices accessing its sites and found that despite the rise of the iPhone, Nokia devices are still by far the most used brand for accessing its mobile-optimised websites. Apple wasn't even second, either - that honour went to RIM and its BlackBerry devices, at 20.8% marketshare.

Apple is in third place with 17.1% and then there's a big gap before you come to HTC in fourth with 6.5% and Samsung in fifth with 3.2%. The "Others" category, which comprises more than 5000 devices, including the Motorola Droid/Milestone, makes up 13.1% of the total.

Looking at these figures on the surface, it seems to make the suggestion that Apple revolutionised the mobile web inaccurate. However, the iPhone and Android browsers excel at rendering regular websites in a format that's easily readable on a small screen, so it's entirely possible that these devices aren't accessing MoFuse sites as regularly as Nokia devices would need to.

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