Nokia has revealed that it is to close the doors on its N-Gage platform next year, in favour of offering all its gaming through its Ovi Store content portal.

Nokia's N-Gage launched as hardware back in 2003 with a "taco-shaped" gaming phone, which although now arguably a cult device, had design flaws which made it ripe for ridicule.

A few years later and Nokia rolled out N-Gage gaming abilities to its higher-end mobiles, with the more recent N81 angled as a gaming phone, making N-Gage into a mobile gaming platform available across a range of handsets.

"We are not releasing any more games on N-Gage, although the store - the ability to buy N-Gage games - will remain open until at least September 2010, and the N-Gage service will run through to the end of 2010", Mark Ollila, director of X-Media solutions, media and games at Nokia, explained to ME.

"The message is that Ovi Store is the place to find and purchase mobile games. It's our one-stop shop for games".