It seems like the Droid isn't just a phone from Motorola - it's a label that's going to be applied to a whole army of Android-powered handsets from the American cellphone network. Engadget Mobile is reporting that many phones will get the badge, including the forthcoming Desire from HTC, which will be marketed as the Droid Eris.

That Droid Eris should be due very soon - 6 November if Engadget is correct, which means that we should hear some more about the device imminently. There's a possibility it'll show up at an event on 28 October, but we'll bring you more on that handset when we hear anything. Including any information on a launch in the UK

As for the Motorola Sholes, which has borne the Droid badge until now, it may - confusingly - still be referred to just as the Verizon Droid. So you'll be able to get a Droid, or one of several Droids, if that makes any sense.