Motorola has officially launched the Motorola DEXT in the UK slating an early October launch date on Orange for the new handset.

The Android powered handset, which is known as the CLIQ in the US, will be available exclusively in the UK on the Orange network and be the company's second Android handset alongside the HTC Hero.

Orange is offering the DEXT free to customers who take out a £34.26 per month, 24-month contract. The package includes 900 any network minutes, unlimited texts, Orange Maps as well as inclusive anytime internet browsing, so users can make the most from their mobile experience.

Although Motorola or Orange are currently staying coy as to when "early October" actually is, it means that fans of Moto and Android wanting to get their hands on the new MotoBlur OS won't have long to wait.

The phone, which has already received a mixed reception in the US, is Motorola's last ditch attempt at saving the mobile phone division of the company.

Motorola's CEO has confirmed, like palm with its Palm Pre, that the Motorola DEXT isn't the only Android powered handset it is planning to offer, with a range of devices scheduled for 2010.