Motorola has launched a new Android handset and teased with the promise of another on Thursday in the US.

The Motorola Click or Dext as it will be know in the UK, will be available exclusively on T-Mobile in the US and Orange in the UK before Christmas.

Tech specs include a touchscreen, slide out qwerty keyboard and come in two colours; black and white. Other features include a 5 megapixel camera, video watching and recording functionality, GPS, 3.5mm headphone jack, and HDSPA and Wifi connectivity. Storage will come via a A removable 2GB MicroSD card rather than in-built storage.

At the heart of the phone, Motorola, like HTC, will introduce a customised skin to the handset called Motoblur.

The system promises to sync your contacts, messages, feeds, photos, facebook and more via a single software application on the home screen

The software will allow users to update their "Social status" with a single screen that automatically updates all of your social networking statuses said Dr. Sanjay K Jha at the launch of the handset.

The phone also promises to sync all contacts from all connected accounts and update as well as borrowing feature from HTC contact panels allowing users to see what is happening with that contacts connected social networking profile.

Like Apple, Microsoft and Palm's remote lock features, users will be able to remote wipe.