Motorola has launched a new Bluetooth headset that it says will let users be able to "hear and be heard in the fiercest environments."

Called the Motorola Endeavor HX1, Motorola says the claim is down to a new "stealth mode" that combines the company's CrystalTalk technology and bone conduction technology that as you speak, taps your vocal vibrations and then converts them to speech so the listener hears your voice.

"Whether you are driving in a convertible, attending a concert or standing on a busy street, Motorola Endeavor allows you to hear and be heard", said Wayne White, corporate vice president, companion products, Motorola Mobile Devices in a statement from the company.

Claiming not to be your average headset, the same bone conduction technology is, says Motorola, used by special military forces around the world. The result could give you a chance to become hard men like Sam Fisher from the Splinter Cell games or Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid who always need to make vital calls in those harsh conditions.

The Motorola Endeavor HX1 will be available in multiple regions beginning with Asia in July 2009.