Motorola has expanded its ROKR portfolio with the introduction of three new music-optimised GSM handsets.

The lineup includes the MOTOROKR EM30, a candybar phone that gets Motorola's ModeShift technology, the ROKR EM28, a clamshell device with "sonic features" and touch-sensitive keys, and the ROKR EM25, a slider with FM radio sharing capabilities.

The ModeShift tech in the EM30 changes the keyboard lighting with red keys illuminated in music mode and a blue keypad in phone mode. The ROKR EM30 also offers FM radio and a 3.5mm stereo headset jack.

The clamshell ROKR EM28 offers touch-sensitive keys that appear "only when they're needed" while the front of the phone shows the name of the artist and song. The EM28 also boasts a 3D sound effect for pretend surround-sound and 11 equaliser presets.

The ROKR EM25 has a dedicated music key, FM radio and "FMShare" to share a favourite station with friends by sending it in a text message and SONGID technology to identify a song.

The ROKR EM30 will launch first in Taiwan then in other markets throughout the quarter, while ROKR EM28 and ROKR EM25 will be available later this quarter around the globe.