Motorola is suing a former employee who now works for Apple, accusing the worker of spilling trade secrets in order to help with the marketing of the iPhone.

Michael Fenger left Motorola in March after nearly 6 years with the company where he was vice president of mobile devices in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

He is now Apple's vice president for global iPhone sales, a position that apparently violates his written promise not to work for a competitor for at least 2 years after leaving Motorola.

The complaint, filed in state court in Chicago, says: "He was privy to the pricing, margins, customer initiatives, allocation of resources, product development, multiyear product, business and talent planning and strategies being used by Motorola".

Motorola wants a court order to stop Fenger working for Apple any more, and wants to get back more than $1 million for Fenger's alleged violation of company stock-option agreements.