Just as Motorola has announced the launch of not only a new handset, the ZN5, but an entirely new branding, under the MOTOZINE name, it's being reported that the company is preparing a "last stand" mobile in a desperate attempt to revamp the brand and address the company's struggling performance.

American blog The Boy Genius Report has revealed that a new unreleased flagship phone was described to them by a Motorola insider as the company's "last stand" and that "internally, everyone is hedging their bets on this bad boy, and if this doesn’t get accepted like Motorola hopes it will, it’s all over for them".

Codenamed "Alexander", the new hero handset is said to boast an 8-megapixel camera, so would match Sony Ericsson's C905 in terms of best megapixels on the market, and will have an Nvidia chip which will handle both video and 3D graphics.

Complete with GPS, Alexander could be a touchscreen, although this is said to be unconfirmed, will run the UIQ operating system and is set for an October release - which could be subject to change.

Motorola has never recaptured the success it saw with its iconic RAZR phone and at the start of this week saw its shares drop to a 5-year low of $7.44 - seeing a 50 cent drop in one day's trading after analysts predicted poor performance on the stock market.