Motorola and Kodak have jointly announced the MOTOZINE ZN5, that the companies say combines a high-quality phone and camera experience "to help content-craving consumers seize inspiration and share the content they create and love with the world".

The MOTOZINE ZN5 is the first device to carry the "MOTOZINE" name, which is Motorola's new label for its "multimedia-optimised" devices.

The ZN5 is the first mobile phone to combine Motorola's ModeShift technology and Kodak imaging technology. Complete with Kodak Easyshare software and easy access to Kodak Gallery or other web sharing sites, the claim is that pics are easy to get off the device in order to share or print.

The ZINE boasts one of the fastest click-to-click times available. To launch the camera, users need to slide open the Kodak lens cover to turn the phone into a 5-megapixel camera with auto-focus, multiple capture modes, including Panoramic stitching, a Xenon flash, 4GB of optional external memory and optimised settings for low-light environments.

With one touch, photos can be viewed right from the home screen with no menus to navigate and no searching, there's also one-click gallery uploads, plus image transfer via USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

In phone mode, the ZN5 features Motorola's CrystalTalk technology GSM and WLAN connectivity, a full HTML browser, SMS, MMS, IM and personal email.

The MOTOZINE ZN5 will be first available in China in July 2008 and is expected to roll out around the globe throughout the remainder of the year.