It was first introduced to the world way back in January but now Motorola's latest kick slider has arrived in the UK.

The Moto Z10 is now available in O2 shops but the London launch gave journos a chance to have a play with the phone.

And the more adventurous amongst us (namely our very own Stuart Miles) tried out the phone's 30fps video busting some moves against a team of highly trained stunt artists.

As well as video recording and editing tools, Motorola has teamed up with ShoZu so that you can shoot, edit and then load your movie straight up onto websites including YouTube.

This also works for still images, so you can capture 3fps at 3.2 megapixels, and then edit your snaps with the phone's rotate, crop and red-eye reduction tools, before sending them to Facebook, or any other site you have registed with Shozu.

And sticking with the multimedia theme, the phone comes with all three of the Bourne films pre-loaded if you get bored of watching your home-made vid creations.

Motorola is also providing a list of compatible Symbian third-party applications for this HSDPA phone.