Motorola has launched a new ROKR handset at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The new handset, called the ROKR E8, will focus on offering the user a mobile phone and music player.

Motorola has introduced a new technology it's calling "ModeShift" that transforms the device from phone to music player with the touch of a button.

The phone will also follow LG and Samsung by offering haptic technology that gives the user a tactile response when a virtual key is pressed.

“ROKR E8 is a no compromises device – it’s both an MP3 player that makes great phone calls and a mobile phone with tremendous audio capabilities. With our unique ModeShift technology, we’re dispelling the myth that mobile phones with music features are inferior to stand-alone audio devices”, stated Stu Reed, president, Motorola Mobile Devices.

Tech specs will include quad-band GPRS/EDGE connectivity, a 2.0-inch QVGA display, a three-dimensional stereo feature that enhances two-channel audio and an on-board equalizer, as well as Bluetooth and a 3.5mm jack.

It will also sport a 2GB internal memory, FM radio and microSD card slot with support for Windows Media Player 11 on the PC.

ROKR E8 is expected to be available before March 2008.