Available from October, Motorola has launched its D7 and D8 range of MOTOLIVN landline phones across Europe.

Unlike handsets that have to be near the phone socket, the MOTOLIVN range has a location-free base unit, enabling the telephone handsets to be positioned anywhere in the home there is a power socket.

The D7 and D8s have environmentally friendly features. The handset power is automatically adjusted to optimise output, depending on the distance from the base unit and there's an "eco mode" which uses less battery power and increases talk-time.

GAP-enbabled, phones in both ranges are available as "Standard" or "TAM" telephone answering machine versions while the D8 is available as a Skype-enabled phone and offers a SIM card-reader for transferring contacts.

The MOTOLIVN range includes the following key features:

* Location-free base enabling maximum flexibility in positioning the phone
* Special eco-mode operation
* The ability to store a minimum of one hundred phone numbers
* High-quality speakerphone for hands-free conversations
* Ten different polyphonic ringer melodies
* A multi-language setting
* Up to ten hours of talk time
* One hundred hours of standby time
* The D8 range features enhanced phonebook capacity, a SIM card reader to allow users to transfer contacts, headset socket, and high-definition sound, providing natural, high quality audio
* The D8 Skype product offers easy access to Skype services including buddy lists, SMS and Skype chat (IM)
* The D7 MOTOLIVN range, available in silver, features a blue backlit two-line mono display
* The D8 MOTOLIVN range, available in black/silver and also white/black offers consumers a 3.6cm full-colour display