The EU has backed a plan to cut the costs of using mobile phones abroad that could make international mobile phone users savings of up to 75%.

The plans, which received strong support, will work on a gradual reduction in charges over a 3-year period and will apply to all 27 member countries of the EU.

This year, the maximum roaming charge will be set at 49 euro cents per minute for making calls abroad and 24 euro cents to receive them. This will be reduced to 46 cents for making and 22 cents for receiving the following year and then finally be reduced to 43 and 19 the year after.

These plans will be put in place to protect EU consumers in the future from "rip-off" roaming costs that see gross overcharging for making and receiving calls outside of the consumer's native country's network.

There will be a formal vote to confirm the plans on 29 June.