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(Pocket-lint) - British climber Rod Baber has set world records for the highest-ever land-based mobile phone call and text message using the MOTO Z8 mobile handset.

Baber called from 29,035 feet (8848 metres) on the highest peak of Mount Everest at 5.37am local time on Monday 21st May.

The first phone call was made to a special voicemail account and his text was sent to Motorola.

"Everest symbolises the greatest challenge to any climber. To reach the summit and achieve world records with Motorola is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity", said Baber from Everest Base Camp.

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"My MOTO Z8 has totally enhanced the experience up here, giving me the added confidence and peace of mind to know that friends, family and even help were just a phone call away."

During the call, Rod described the view, his feelings and what he would do once he was back down at base camp. His second call was to his wife and two children.

The world's highest text message, which was sent to John Barlow at Motorola read:

"One small text for man, one giant leap for mobilekind - thanks Motorola."

Thank goodness it wasn't, "I think I might have left the oven on".

The MOTO Z8 is Motorola's new "kick slider" video phone details of which were revealed last week.

To find out more about Rod's mission and access the record-breaking evidence, follow the link below.

Writing by Amy-Mae Elliott.